Did White House Press Secretary post a doctored video on Twitter? Did White House Press Secretary post a doctored video on Twitter?

Her video is similar to the one posted by alt-right vlogger Paul Joseph Watson.

White House video showing reporter row ‘doctored’

Headline White House video showing reporter row ‘doctored’

Journalism students react to allegedly doctored video of CNN's Jim Acosta

CNN's Jim Acosta sparred with President Trump at a press conference after the midterms. But it's what happened next that has many concerned.

Former Israeli ambassador to Washington Danny Ayalon believes midterm elections set Trump up nicely for 2020 elections.

America's Two Movies on Display with Jim Acosta's White House Intern Tussle

After Jim Acosta got into a tussle with a White House intern (not that kind of intern tussle) who tried to remove his microphone when he was told to stuff it, his press pass was finally revoked. Half of America has been completely confused as to why this hasn't happened before during any number o...

NYT Editorial Board Defends Jim Acosta: Let Him Do His Job

The New York Times' Editorial Board came to the defense Jim Acosta Thursday in a show of solidarity following the White House's decision to suspend the CNN

White House Press Secretary Blasted for Sharing Infowars Video to Bar Reporter

Some commenters claim the video Sarah Sanders posted to the official Press Secretary account was doctored for exaggeration.

The White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, posted a clip from a contributor to Infowars, the far-right site banned by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Press secretary stood by decision to revoke CNN reporter’s access and sharing video edited to make his actions more aggressive

Journalists urge White House to reverse ban on CNN’s Jim Acosta

US Wrap: Video of reporter’s altercation with Trump alleged to have been ‘doctored’

Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored, expert says

FACT CHECK: Did This Video Show Obama Kicking a Reporter Out of a Press Conference?

Social media users engaged in another round of whataboutism by claiming (falsely) that a video showed President Obama kicking a reporter out of a press conference.