Disclosures Tribunal: Former secretary felt it was 'inappropriate' for Martin Callinan to advise Gerald Kean

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Callinan drafting solicitor Kean's response 'bizarre', says Disclosures Tribunal chairman

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Official: Callinan never tried to smear McCabe

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Senior politicians tell tribunal they were aware of rumours about whistleblower

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Callinan made no attempt to smear McCabe, tribunal hears

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Top civil servant says he and Martin Callinan were 'concerned' by Maurice McCabe's whistleblowing

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Martin 'impressed' with McCabe and 'taken aback' by rumours

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Micheál Martin 'taken aback' by car park meeting between TD and Martin Callinan - tribunal

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Tribunal hears Martin Callinan made no attempt to smear Maurice McCabe

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Tribunal hears from former Justice Department Secretary

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Tribunal told Callinan described whistleblowers as 'headbangers'

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