A divided Congress means that House Democrats will take more of an investigative posture than a legislative one.

Democrats eye Trump’s tax returns but expect a long fight | Miami Herald Democrats eye Trump’s tax returns but expect a long fight

Getting President Donald Trump's tax returns is a top priority for Democrats now that they've won the House, but there's no guarantee he will turn them over.

Democrats disagree on just how aggressively to go after president

House Democrats are prepared to open multiple investigations of President Donald Trump when they take control in January - but are wary of immediately pursuing impeachment.

Democrat Maxine Waters, poised to become chair of the U.S. House banking committee, told Reuters on Thursday she would like the heads of the country's biggest banks to testify before the panel as she seeks to ramp up regulatory oversight.

House Democrats' keys to victory: Suburbs, money and fired-up women college grads

Democrats swept all of the seats where they were favored and won or are ahead in 17 of the 30 seats the Cook Political Report rated as "Toss Ups." They also scored impressive upsets along the coast of South Carolina, in Oklahoma City and on Staten Island. With several uncalled races, it will take more time than usual to take stock of Tuesday's powerful, if uneven, wave.

Were GOP's House losses dramatically smaller than historical pattern?

In recent midterm elections when presidents faced a backlash from voters, the president accepted their brushback. In 2006, George W. Bush acknowledged a "thumping" by Democrats. In 2010, Barack Obama said he’d been delivered a "shellacking" by Republicans. By contrast, when President Donald Trump addressed the results of the 2018 midterms -- when his party lost at least 31 seats and control of the House -- he focused primarily on Republicans’ ability to flip at least three seats in the Senate. "It was a big day yesterday," he said. "Incredible day. And last night the Republican Party defied history to ...

Senate electoral process means although Democrats received more overall votes for the Senate than Republicans, that does not translate to more seats

What the mid-terms mean for business

The business world did well from Donald Trump's first years as president. Will that continue?

The Latest: Key Democrat hopes to work with Trump on roads

WASHINGTON — The Latest on Congress in the wake of Tuesday’s midterm election (all times local):5 p.m.A key Democratic lawmaker says he had private discussions with the Trump administration before the election about working together on an infrastructure bill.Rep.