Whether transition extension or backstop, Britain needs to embrace the consequences

If reports are correct, the landing zone for Northern Ireland and the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is in sight. If, by December 2020, the future trading arrangements between the UK and EU fail to obviate the need for physical infrastructure or associated checks on the land border with Ireland, the UK

Johnson calls for Cabinet mutiny over PM’s Brexit plans

The former foreign secretary says Theresa May is on the brink of ‘total surrender’ to the EU.

'Government is on verge of total surrender in Brexit negotiations,' says Boris Johnson

Former British foreign minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday the UK government was "on the verge of total surrender in Brexit negotiations".

May under fire from all sides over Brexit May under fire from all sides over Brexit

Cabinet divisions have been exposed on the backstop arrangement as the PM’s right-hand Brexit adviser has talks in Brussels.

THERESA May’s Cabinet remains deeply divided over Brexit as the Prime Minister prepares to sell plans for the Northern Irish border to her inner circle at a crunch meeting this week.

Realities of leaving the EU are crushing Brexiteers’ fantasies

On Brexit day — March 29, 2019 — the HMS Buccaneer Britannia will set sail in search of the riches of the “Anglosphere.” But there is a hitch: Someone has forgotten to raise the anchor, which remains planted firmly in Ireland.

British cabinet ministers at odds over Brexit backstop

British cabinet ministers appeared at odds over whether the UK could secure a unilateral exit from a Brexit backstop deal on Northern Irish border arrangements.

Arlene Foster: ‘The intent is to handcuff the UK to the EU — with the EU holding the key’

In any negotiation process all participants need to be conscious of an inherent risk, namely, that their own participation creates a sense of ownership and attachment.

Explainer: Have we made any new progress on Brexit and the Irish border?

DUP leader Arlene Foster said yesterday her party has

Arlene Foster says DUP will not support May’s Brexit plan

‘She has to do the maths as to whether she can proceed without our support in parliament’

The UK And The EU Will Still Be Talking About The Backstop 50 Months After Brexit The UK And The EU Will Still Be Talking About The Backstop 50 Months After Brexit

EXCLUSIVE: BuzzFeed News has seen a note detailing a meeting of EU ambassadors that lays out a new backstop plan for the first time.