Hero "trolley man" Michael Rogers received over $100k donated through Go Fund Me

Michael Rogers is the heroic bystander who attempted to help police officers stop Hassan Khalif Shire Ali during Friday’s Bourke Street terror attack. Since then a GoFundMe has been set up for Rogers, raising $116,000​ at time of publication.

Over $100,000 raised for homeless 'trolleyman' who helped police during Melbourne terror attack

Michael Rogers used a shopping trolley to ram Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

Donations flow in for Melbourne attack’s ‘Trolley Man’ - Khmer Times

A homeless man used a shopping trolley to fend off an attacker, is rewarded.

Cash pours in for homeless hero from Melbourne

The man dubbed 'trolley man' had used a shopping cart to halt last week's deadly lone wolf terror attack in Melbourne. Now he is being unexpectedly rewarded by grateful citizens.

PM’s comments were careless

State funeral offer for iconic restaurateur killed in Bourke Street terror attack

Restaurateur Sisto Malaspina, killed in the Bourke Street terror attack, to be honoured with a state funeral.

Karl arcs up at ‘politically correct’ terror response

Karl Stefanovic has launched a scathing attack on the “timid” critics who wanted police to refrain from shooting a knife-wielding terrorist.

Why are we giving terrorists refuge?

Friday’s terrorist attack was our fifth by Muslim refugees — so why are we running a program that has killed five Australians, asks Andrew Bolt.

‘Not a terrorist’: Family of Bourke Street killer breaks silence

Three people were stabbed during Friday's attacks.

Calls for new counter-terror squad, Dutton 'open to suggestions' after Bourke Street attack

Days after a deadly attack in Melbourne's Bourke Street, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says he is open to all suggestions on dealing with terrorism.

The humble homeless hero who helped police take down the Bourke Street terrorist has revealed the one regret about the selfless act that put his own life in danger.