Emma Stone Changed Her Name to ‘Emma’ Because of Baby Spice, Talks Spice Girls Reunion | Entertainment Tonight Emma Stone Changed Her Name to ‘Emma’ Because of Baby Spice

"So, that’s pretty messed up.”

Spice Girls 'never asked' Victoria Beckham to join | IOL Entertainment

The Spice Girls have admitted they "never asked" Victoria Beckham to be a part of their reunion tour.

Spice Girls reveal Victoria Beckham's reaction to reunion talks   Spice Girls reveal Victoria Beckham's reaction to reunion talks  

The four band members of the Spice Girls who are reuniting to go on tour opened up about why Victoria Beckham didn't want to join them

According to the Spice Girls, friendship never ends - and neither do business partnerships. There’s no doubt that the girl power group’s members going on tour are going to make a pretty penny, however there have been a few reports circulating that…

Emma Stone has proven once again that she's one of the best chat show guests in Hollywood

How is she consistently so entertaining?

The Spice Girls didn't actually ask Posh if she wanted to join the reunion tour

The Spice Girls have revealed that they didn't actually ask Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, to join them on the 2019 reunion tour.

How much will Spice Girls tickets cost for their 2019 tour dates?

The Spice Girls are BACK, and are going to be gracing the whole of the UK with a reunion tour. This is fantastic news, except for fans of Posh Spice...

"They felt sorry for me because I'd been through a lot, they were like, ‘let’s not have a go at her’.”

Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez joined forces on Thursday evening, for the Eva Longoria Foundation Dinner in Los Angeles.

When Posh comes to shove... Victoria reveals Spice Girls snub

Victoria Beckham said she was

The Week In Review With Raven Smith

British Vogue columnist Raven Smith reflects on the week in which Apu was axed from The Simpsons, 4/5 of the Spice Girls reunited, Emma Thompson turned up to the palace in trainers and a guy interrupted his girlfriend's marathon to propose.

20 years since the Spice Girls emerged – little has changed

Once upon a time, in the early Nineties, little girls were taught to be sugar and spice and all things nice. “Be quiet and polite,” they were told. “Acquiesce, and don’t take up too much space.” The magazines they were bought explained their value and importance would be related to their relationships, especially with boyfriends, and how pretty they looked. The pop charts were dominated by men, and the protagonists of TV shows and books were mainly boys. There was no Buffy, no Xena: Warrior Princess, even Powerpuff Girls weren’t a thing yet.

The world's most iconic musical ensemble is set to reunite for a huge tour next summer, and Goal delves into each member's football loyalties