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The Republicans Broke Congress. Democrats Can Fix It.

A roadmap for House Democrats between now and the 2020 election

A divided Congress means that House Democrats will take more of an investigative posture than a legislative one.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Getting President Donald Trump's tax returns is high on the list of Democratic priorities now that they have won the House. By law, the leaders of tax-writing committees in the House and Senate can obtain tax returns and related information from the Internal Revenue Service. Democrats will control the House panel next year. Yet there's no guarantee that the Trump administration will provide the president's returns. That sets up the possibility of a legal battle over the request that could take years to resolve.

Democrats’ House takeover spurs hope for farm bill this year | News & Observer Democrats’ House takeover spurs hope for farm bill this year

Observers say prospects for Congress passing a new five-year farm bill before the end of the year have improved in the wake of this week's midterm elections.

Ohio shifting red could impact federal resource allocation

Ohio has voted overwhelmingly red in the last three midterms.

Newly empowered Dems take aim at Trump business conflicts

Beyond trying to get their hands on Donald Trump's tax returns, House Democrats are prepared to use their new majority and subpoena power to go after financial records that could back up their...

Democrats disagree on just how aggressively to go after president

House Democrats are prepared to open multiple investigations of President Donald Trump when they take control in January - but are wary of immediately pursuing impeachment.

Democrat Maxine Waters, poised to become chair of the U.S. House banking committee, told Reuters on Thursday she would like the heads of the country's biggest banks to testify before the panel as she seeks to ramp up regulatory oversight.

Senate electoral process means although Democrats received more overall votes for the Senate than Republicans, that does not translate to more seats

What the mid-terms mean for business

The business world did well from Donald Trump's first years as president. Will that continue?