Attorney General on Brussels mission to examine legal pitfalls of Brexit deal

Ireland's Attorney General travelled to Brussels last week to discuss the legal implications of a potential Brexit deal.

Northern parties head to London for talks on Brexit

Representatives from four Northern Ireland parties will be in London today as Brexit talks reach a critical phase

Irish ministers head to Brussels for Brexit talks

Simon Coveney and Helen McEntee will attend a meeting on the UK’s exit from the EU.

Whether transition extension or backstop, Britain needs to embrace the consequences

If reports are correct, the landing zone for Northern Ireland and the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is in sight. If, by December 2020, the future trading arrangements between the UK and EU fail to obviate the need for physical infrastructure or associated checks on the land border with Ireland, the UK

Trouble brewing?: Brexit challenge for Guinness supply chain | Malay Mail

LONDON, Nov 12 — With its brown-black hue and cascading creamy head, Guinness is Ireland’s most iconic export. But any post-Brexit border controls on the island of Ireland could end the free-flowing supply chain that makes the stout a staple at home and around the world. Guinness has been...

Realities of leaving the EU are crushing Brexiteers’ fantasies

On Brexit day — March 29, 2019 — the HMS Buccaneer Britannia will set sail in search of the riches of the “Anglosphere.” But there is a hitch: Someone has forgotten to raise the anchor, which remains planted firmly in Ireland.

PM's Brexit choices completely unacceptable, says Jo Johnson

A former minister urges a second referendum, but Liam Fox warns the government will not be "bounced" into holding another poll.

Jo Johnson's resignation could signal real trouble for Theresa May

The sense of unease and lack of trust in the PM's judgement has spread to new quarters in her party, writes Sky's Lewis Goodall.