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  • St Patrick's Day 2018: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's pride at walk down Fifth Avenue in New York city with partner Matt ...
  • Irish flags, selfies and Leo chants: Taoiseach gets a pep in his step walking down Fifth Avenue
  • Latest: Varadkar marches alongside partner in New York's St Patrick's Day parade
  • Taoiseach marches alongside partner in St Patrick's Day parade in New York
  • Taoiseach Leo Varadkar ridiculed after tweeting St Patrick's Day rugby message with wrong ball, flag and hashtag
  • 'A sign of great diversity, not just in Ireland' Leo Varadkar walks in New York parade with partner Matt
  • Leo Varadkar marches with his partner in the St Patrick's Day parade in New York
  • Varadkar says he is proud to walk in New York parade with partner Matt
  • 'All above board' - Leo on the defensive as he clarifies Trump 'joke'
  • Leo Varadkar claims he did not contact Clare County Council over Trump's wind farm concerns
  • Taoiseach invited to visit home of US Vice President Pence
  • Leo Varadkar under fire over Trump wind farm call
  • Stormont crisis 'corrosive and damaging' to the North, Taoiseach says
  • Taoiseach to ask Trump to appoint ambassador to Ireland
  • Northern Ireland deadlock damaging the region, warns Leo Varadkar
  • Ireland can act as a bridge to prevent US-EU trade war, says Varadkar
  • Taoiseach Leo Varadkar warns Brexit is 'real threat' to Good Friday Agreement on 20th anniversary of accord
  • Varadkar echoes Juncker warning there is 'no upside' to Britain leaving the EU
  • Taoiseach says Ireland faces five big challenges - one of them is 'uncontrolled mass migration'

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